I am a huge fan of the Jam Brands. One of my best experiences as a coach was going to the 2011 Jam-U conference in Louisville, KY. This looks like a brand new blog, but this article is fantastic. I can’t wait to see read more from it! Don’t forget to follow their blog, and like their facebook page!

The JAM Brands

What if we were all better customers?  Remember that old adage “treat others as you want to be treated”?  I know my mother repeated these words daily to me.  As customers, we can provide reverse customer service.  Where we, the customers are kind, attentive, and grateful to the people serving us.  Greet them with a smile, say ‘thank you’, be understanding, compliment them on a job well done and, well, just be nice.  Simple as that.  You could be the only person that day that was nice to them.

I know, I know – when their title is customer service, it is their job to provide good service to me, but I want you to ask yourself – do we have to make it harder on them?  Things don’t always go as planned and yes, people do make mistakes, but if we treat people with respect, the outcome will always…

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