Solving Mental Blocks: Another Approach


Most of us in cheerleading are familiar with Debbie Love’s “Breaking Free” method of resolving an athletes mental blocks. I think this is a great resource and really helps get people past their mental block. She goes into  a lot of detail explaining why and how kids develop the block. I think everyone who wants to know more needs to read it.

My goal is two-fold. One, cure the mental block and two, eliminate mental blocks from forming. Most people I speak to talk about them as an annoyance with which they can’t be bothered with. They haven’t put the time in to consider why it happened. Debbie goes into detail with many “why’s” but if you go to the root you will notice two major causes.

The two most common causes are:

  1. Lack of Progression
  2. Stress: (School work, prior injury, parent, coach, growth spurt and many others)



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